Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(877) 267 – 2323
This website contains up-to-date information on both Medicare and Medicaid.

Alzheimer’s Association
(800) 272 – 3900
This organization provides information and referrals to local services and support groups. The information and services are helpful to families dealing with other forms of dementia as well.

American Diabetes Association
(800) 342 – 2383
The association provides information on diabetes, from medical treatment to financial concerns, and can direct you to state chapters for referrals to local doctors and support groups.

Medicare Hotline
(800) 633 – 4227
The hotline answers questions about Medicare and state insurance departments.

Arthritis Foundation
(800) 283 – 7800
The foundation provides information and makes referrals to local chapters that sponsor support groups, events, and classes.

California Dept. of Aging
(800) 510 – 2020
This is department has a great deal of information on available care.

National Library of Medicine
(888) 346-3656
This is a great resource for learning more about medicine.

Medline Plus
This is a website published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and contains useful information such as a Medical Encyclopedia and Dictionary.

National Institute of Health – Senior Health
This website is published by the National Institute of Health and is focused on the health issues or concerns that affect Seniors.

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