Americare recognizes the special needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other related memory impairments. There are several characteristics associated with Alzheimer’s that expand beyond memory loss, which include impairment of judgement, speech, and physical function. Therefore, at Americare we stress the importance of distinguishing and identifying the needs of each Alzheimer’s resident and individually addressing the best ways to care for them.

We are committed to providing specialized care for our Alzheimer’s residents to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. We pride ourselves on providing Alzheimer’s residents with a beautiful environment to live in, kind and patient people to assist in their activities of daily living and comfort in their hearts by reassuring them they are safe.



At Americare, we grasp that this is a difficult disease not only for our resident, but equally for their family members as they are truly not what they remember “Mom”, “Dad”, “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, “Aunt” or “Uncle”. We understand this is your loved one who has been changed by a neurologic deficiency, but is ultimately still dear “Mom” or “Dad”. In fact, the medical community is more commonly referring Alzheimer’s as the “family disease” because it is known that most family members suffers from either sadness or years of stress in caring for their loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Thus, we recognize that as you look to Americare primarily for care for your loved one, our aspiration is to be your solution. We want to give you peace of mind in knowing your loved one is well-cared for, while also helping you reclaim time back for your own life. By giving your commitment to Americare, the Americare Family will become apart of your support team to care for your loved one. We aim to alleviate the day to day hardships of caring for one with Alzheimer’s and rather turn the time that you spend with your loved one into sole quality time and filled with joy.

We recommend the following handbooks to help you as a family member understand how to cope with a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

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